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A little update

Good morning from a sunny (still chilly) Cornwall! Who can't wait until Spring? Not long to go now...

I thought I would do a little update blog today to keep you all up to speed with how my little business is coming along.

My online shop will now be opening on Monday 14th March

A slight delay, but after looking at the calendar and realising that I am actually on holiday a few days after the 28th, I have decided to postpone a few weeks.

This will give me a chance to...

• Have some more stock ready. • Not have to postpone any orders due to my holiday. • Have everything as I want it to be! (I am a perfectionist )

Plus, a long train journey when I go away to visit family will allow some undisturbed knitting time!

My business cards have arrived!

I am so happy with how they have come out. They have been in the works for a while, which is all down to me being a perfectionist. I am proud to say that I designed them from scratch, and the lovely local team at ARRC print limited printed them beautifully and hand delivered!

And finally...

Don't forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram! Every little like and follow is great support of my small business, and it always appreciated.

Wishing you all a great day, and happy crafting!

Kim (& the family) x

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