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Welcome to Wool and Bear!

My name is Kim and I am the owner of Wool and Bear.

I live in Cornwall with my husband and our handsome, fluffy cat called Bear.

I knit and crochet handmade baby blankets with a touch of Cornish magic!

I was taught to knit by my mum about 20 years ago, and then I learnt how to crochet during the pandemic when I was furloughed from work.​

As a Cornish lass, I enjoy a hot chocolate on the beach or catching some waves, but knitting and crochet is my passion and nothing beats creating beautiful gifts for you all.

(fuelled by copious amounts of tea and gluten free cake!)

And lastly, as I am a HUGE cat lover and to show my support, 10% from every item purchased will go to The Cat's Protection.

Thank you for visiting and if you have any questions, please check out my FAQ's here.

Kim x

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